‘Julian-Ella Pairing Heats Up With Tumalon’

ELLA & JULIAN cropped

Manila, Phlippines — It’s official! Julian Trono and Ella Cruz are together!

On a new single that is as the pair release their first music recording together in “Tumalon.” With the release of  the new track, the ‘Teen Dance Royalties’ are ramping up their ‘romance’ with some infectious pop sounds to boot.  Adding to the excitement is the music video for “Tumalon” which premiered at Myx last Saturday, April 15. As per their usual, Julian and Ella can be seen grooving over the electro pop and dance strains of “Tumalon.” The video, shot  outdoors at several locations in Antipolo and Rizal and directed by Miggy Tanchangco, is all about fun, sun, road trips and good vibes.

The hot ticket teen acts made quite the splash as separate co-headlining acts on the ongoing P-Pop Generation music tour.  The two developed an unmistakable chemistry on stage during the shows which fans encouraged and eventually developed into a love team known as ‘Julianella’ (their names combined, natch! – ed.) A few months ago, the pair’s dance cover of “Versace On The Floor” went viral.

“Tumalon” is written by ace songwriting duo Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana and released by Viva Records. Listen to it on Spotify.

Joseph Santos: Drawn Into Music

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‘I was going to become a cop,’ said Joseph Santos, just as he was about to take the stage for the first time as part of the Ppop Generation tour. Adding, ‘I was going to study criminology but then I left that all behind to pursue my actual dream of becoming a singer.’

For 19-year old Joseph, the pull of the music was just too strong that he can’t ignore it. ‘Singing was just a hobby. Until it developed into something else.’ At the start, his hobby had taken him into singing at school and family events. Not long after, he was getting requests to sing on friends’ birthdays and the odd wedding.

Eventually Joseph joined the Tawag Ng Tanghalan contest that Filipino-Americans organized in California for budding young singers with Pinoy roots. And it was here that Christian De Walden’s wife saw him and eventually linked singer and producer. A few years after the initial meeting, De Walden invited Joseph to Manila to meet with Viva’s Vic Del Rosario.

Which catches up to what the singer is busy with now. Joseph Santos has just released his debut single entitled “Invincible.” Released under Viva Records, the song is a mid tempo pop track with enough good hooks to make any listeners take notice.   It’s also a great intro into the world of Joseph, who’s being groomed as new generation male solo artist. Meaning the song has a lot of good hooks and the singer, good looks.

‘“Invincible” is a good vibe song,’ shared Joseph. ‘It’s about a guy who believes in forever. He finds the right girl, and feels like he can do anything.’ The song’s music video recently made its debut on Myx.

For now, it’s safe to assume that Joseph won’t be pursuing his dreams of becoming a Police officer. ‘I wanted to be a cop in San Diego, because I wanna help out in my community. Then I realized I can still help and inspire people thru music.’ Reflecting a bit on what he just said, he finishes with, ‘I only find na masaya lang ako whenever I sing for people. I like making people happy thru music.’






‘Introducing…Adela Mae Marshall’

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There’s a new gal in town and her name’s Adela Mae Marshall. The 19-year old looker is an English lass with Filipino roots. Born and raised in Bornemouth, England, Adela Mae is now in the country of her mother’s birth to claim her heritage, among others.

“I want to live in the Philippines, I want to know more about it,” says Adela Mae. “I know England from my dad’s side (but I also) wanted to know the other half of me, I want to know my mum’s side.”

And that’s exactly what this girl did. Moving to Manila in January 2016, she has since called this place her home. She has since found work as a model and has done TV and online commercials (“I live in Makati, good for castings.”)

She also shares that she’s grown accustomed to a living here, well, almost. “I like the weather, and I like the people. The heat I actually can take – it’s the traffic! (groans a bit but eventually shrugs it off). As for the speaking the local tongue, she says in her best Tagalog, “sinusubukan ko, at naiintindihan ko (Tagalog).”

Modelling was just the start for A.M. – She’s also one of the new pop music discoveries of Viva Records. And with it she put out a new song called “I’m Just Like You.” “This is my debut single” says Adela Mae proudly. “I’m just like You” is about, though I look very foreign and having grown up abroad, I do feel I’m Filipino. I feel the same way as you about this country,” she explains, and then jokingly adds, “I can relate to the traffic!”

Adela Mae is not just your model-turned-singer multi-hyphenate type. She’s actually been at this music things since she can remember.  “I played the guitar since I was six, and I was twelve when started at piano and I’ve always been singing and writing but yes, this is my first song and its official.”

Talking about her song further, she goes “I was lucky I got to collaborate with Thyro (Alfaro) I heard he was producing all the big hits, so I felt very honored to be able to work on a song with him.”

She goes “I really like to sing and compose music. It’s just difficult because I have to write it in Taglish – so that’s also where Thyro came in. But it’s what I really enjoy and I’m looking forward to challenging myself.”


And doing would mean that Adela Mae would have to dig deep to find out everything about her Pinoy side. From learning the language and to proving in general, that she is indeed just like everybody else. To which she answers “I am. I’m pusong Pinoy.”

The music video for “I’m Just Like You” recently premiered at the Myx music channel and is now on Spotify, iTunes and other digital platforms. Check out her music video anytime at the Viva Records YouTube channel.



Sarah Geronimo, The Juans bust out new videos

Manila, Philippines — Music fans were treated to a couple of new music videos from Sarah Geronimo and The Juans, who both recently released the visual accompaniment to their new songs when it debuted at the Myx music channel at the latter’s ‘Myx Premiere’ segment.

Sarah Geronimo’s new video is for her latest single entitled “Kaibigan Mo,” off her “Great Unknown” album. Released back in mid of 2016, this  is the third single off said record. “Kaibigan Mo” also features Yeng Constantino, who incidentally wrote the song.

Back when Sarah was just auditioning songs for TGU, she approached Constantino if she would be interested to contribute, and eventually gave Sarah this song. The Popstar Royalty has gone on record to say that she has been a fan of Constantino’s songwriting and have always wanted to do a duet with the songwriter. This is the first time that a contemporary of Sarah has appeared on her album. Likewise, the first time that Sarah Geronimo and Yeng Constantino can be seen on the same music video.


Directed by Nolan Bernardino, music video for “Kaibigan Mo” premiered on the Myx music channel last Friday, February 2, 2017.

Meanwhile, The Juans’ new single entitled “Nasayang Lang” made its own debut today at the leading music channel. The song is the group’s latest release under Viva Records.


It is the first single after their 3-song self-titled debut was released back in 2015. The song is written by Jacob Israel, himself a recording artist who went by name of Jacob back in the early 2000’s.

The music video for “Nasayang Lang,” is directed by Kiko Meily. The Juans have been steadily gaining a foothold on the Pinoy pop music scene since their debut two years ago. The band, which includes keyboardist Carl Guevara, rhythm guitarist Japs Mendoza, lead guitarist Jiad Arroyo, bassist Jason De Mesa and drummer Daniel Grospe. All of the members of The Juans alternately sing lead on “Nasayang Lang.”

Fans can request to see more of Sarah Geronimo’s “Kaibigan Mo” and The Juans’ “Nasayang Lang” when they log on to the Myx website. both tracks are available on Spotify, Apple Music and other services for streaming and for download on iTunes.



New artist on the block alert! Introducing RJ Dela Fuente

RJ Dela Fuente, a young and talented singer is debuting a new song and music video today. In case, you’re wondering why his name seem to ring a bell, the pop artist and balladeer had his big break when he joined the first season of The Voice of the Philippines and became part of Coach Lea Salonga’s team.

A formidable vocalist, RJ went up against older and more experienced singer Mitoy Yonting in the finals of The Voice. Gathering the much needed experience from the aforementioned high profile TV show, RJ is now slowly inching his way to promising career as a singer and performer.

RJ was based in California before transferring to Manila to find his luck. And he wasn’t wrong in his decision to strike it out here, and he has since signed with Manila Genesis and Viva. The latter, one of the biggest labels in Manila, will be releasing RJ’s music soon.

Entitled “Maybe It’s Time,” the piano-decked tune harkens back to the romantic sounds of 90’s love songs. Starting out with a simple piano motif, the song eventually builds up, along with those subtle string section that adds to the aching sentiments that RJ is singing. The song is about learning to let go—difficult at first, yes, but eventually something that can be learned. Or as the lyrics go: ‘maybe its time this time to let go and forget, maybe it’s time this time to think about myself, maybe tomorrow I’ll be fine like I was before we met, maybe this it’s not just true love yet.’

The tune is composed veteran songwriter Vehnee Saturno.

RJ is also dropping a new video to coincide with his song. The music video for “Maybe It’s Time” will premiere today, January 27, 2017 at 3pm, on leading local music channel MYX.

“Maybe It’s Time” will be RJ’s formal introduction as a recording artist. Delivered with subtle authority, this song shows why RJ Dela Fuente is poised to succeed as a solo artist, and real soon at that.

PPOP Generation stars out in force at the malls

This early in 2017, the new and young pop musical movement known as PPOP Generation has ratcheted up its presence with a series of mallshows that will continue this weekend.

The PPOP Generation (short for Pinoy Pop) show will pick up its second show for the new year with a stop at Starmall in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan this Saturday, January 14, 2017, and on Sunday, January 15, at SM City in Bacoor.


The PPOP Generation crew will be headlined by new and hot young acts that includes solo artists Julian Trono, Ella Cruz, and  Janine Teñoso. Alongside them are the exceptional new pop groups that includes the seven-member boygroup Nitro, all-girl sing-and-dance groups Sugar ‘N Spice, the Pop Girls, After 5 and the U Go Girls.

All these artists  are set to perform their excitingly new and original pop music. Expect to see a lot of dancing and singing as the likes of social media idol and multi-media stars like Julian Trono and Ella Cruz  present their brand of original music. Trono has recently released his debut single “Balang Araw” as do Cruz, who put out her own debut entitled “Tamis.”

Singer-songwriter Janine Teñoso likewise put out her power ballad tinged “Fall” late last December. Nitro (“Tayo Na’t Sumayaw”), Pop Girls (“Bad Boy”), U Go Girls(“Ikaw Na”), After 5 (“Paano Na”) and Sugar ‘N Spice (who will soon release “Napapa La La”) are all branding new and compelling OPM singles.

All the PPOP Gen artists have their new music videos (or will soon have theirs) that are currently playing on top music channels or have been posted on the Viva Records YouTube channel. The PPOP Generation fandom have also been steadily building at every mallshow stop. Viva Records will soon release a special one-track CD for each of the PPOP acts made especially for the fans.

The show in Starmall San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan and SM City Bacoor both will start at 4 pm in the afternoon.






Donnalyn Bartolome, The Juans together for the breakup tour

Manila, Philippines — Donnalyn Bartolome and pop and rock boygroup The Juans are starting 2017 with a series of mallshows starting this weekend. Dubbed as “The Happy Break Up Malltour,” the shows will kick off at the Ayala Mall in Harbor Point in Subic this Saturday, January 14, 2017.

The show takes its name after Bartolome’s 2016 album entitled “Happy Breakup.”  It is Bartolome’s second eponymous release and it included the  catchy title track and carrier single. Throughout 2016, the album spawned two more singles namely “Maniwala Ka,” and “Pag Siya” (that featured rap artist Shehyee).

This is the first time that  Donnalyn Bartolome, a social media celebrity, will headline a show. In a sent text, Bartolome shared that (fan group) “Donnalynspireds can expect more artists other than her on this tour. Last time I only had one guest artist (on the bill) but now I have quite a few.”

The show will be supported by other streaking acts like The Juans. Also on scheduled to perform are Arron Cadawas who last year released his debut single “May Forever Ba?” and Bea Lacson who likewise had her first single “Unlove You.” The singing group Shevoyz will also be on the bill.

For their part, The Juans will play songs from their self-titled EP as well as a new song.  The Juans’ Carl Gueverra shared through text that fans “can expect to hear our latest single (and) ‘hugot’ anthem “Nasayang Lang.” and also added that besides the music, the audience will get a dose of the bands brand of “kulit and fun from us as always.”

As for sharing the bill with the Social Media Sweetheart, Guevarra said: “Donnalyn is someone we look up to, and she’s very generous in sharing tips on how to improve our social media skills.” And added “kaya touring with her is such as treat for all of us. So grateful to our label (Viva) for giving us this chance.”

Bartolome is expecting that the shows will run smoothly saying, “I have worked with The Juans before and I saw how talented they were. Having them a part of my own tour is exciting.”

The Happy Breakup show will be held at Harbor Points’ activity center and will start at 4pm.